These handcrafted cutting boards are perfect for your Canned Ham trailer, in the kitchen or dining outdoors. They’re double-duty—use one side for cutting and keep the other side pristine for display and use as a serving tray.

Available in two styles—solid cherry and cherry with a purpleheart stripe.

The solid cherry style is made in Michigan from locally sourced hardwood. The cherry/purpleheart version adds an contrasting exotic hardwood from the rainforests of Brazil, Guyana or Suriname and other areas of Central and South America. Purpleheart is one of the densest and hardest woods in the world. Over time, the light purple changes to a chocolate-purple color. (Cherry will darken with age, too.)

These boards are painstakingly shaped and sanded to a smooooth finish, then protected with Cutting Board/Butcher Block Oil. Care: Just re-oil with our Cutting Board Oil (or mineral oil) regularly, give it a few minutes to soak in, then wipe off the excess. Care instructions are included.

It’s a wonderful gift for any Canned Ham trailer owner or enthusiast. Or order it for yourself, you’ll love it!

Approx. 3/4″ x 10″ w x 7-1/2″ h. (Since no two pieces are identical, the wood color and grain will vary from photos.)



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Solid Cherry, Cherry with Purpleheart