You may think it’s strange that we’ve devoted an entire page on the website to the Vintage Camping Gear and Just Go logos. But since we’re printing them on several products, we thought you might be interested in how they were created.

We’re both graphic designers and have designed logos for companies and nonprofits of all types and sizes. For the Vintage Camping Gear brand, we wanted a logo that conveyed the feel of mid-century design, using period-appropriate fonts and serene colors like seafoam/sage green and butternut yellow (which are still popular today).

The logo needed to convey a vintage feel (naturally); be easily recognizable and memorable; scalable to any size and remain sharp; readable at any size; imprinting-, screen printing- and embroidery-friendly, among many other requirements. After hours and hours of sketching, drawing, trial and error, tweaking and refining, we arrived at this final design.

For the Just Go brand, we wanted a very simple, black & white logo to print on t-shirts, sweatshirts and other “coming soon” products.

The logo needed to include a vintage trailer along with very simple, very clean typography (Helvetica Bold). No embellishments. Nothing extra. After creating several small trailer illustrations, we selected one and refined it into this final design.

We really like both logos, and hope you do, too. And thanks for visiting

— Karen and Jeff Matson